Beautiful images taken in the comfort of your own home or out at your favourite locations

Family Albums

Studio Shoot – Two families

Informal Photo Shoot – At home

Lifestyle Shoot – On a farm

Family Occassion – RNLI Christening

When asked what people would rescue if their house was on fire, most people would say “family photographs”. Those family photos, full of precious memories of young-looking parents, grandparents and siblings are the beautiful pictures we create which tell a story of where we come from, where we’re going and how we’ve come to be the special family we are.

Which type of shoot to choose?
We offer two types of family photo shoot both based from your home: studio photography and lifestyle photography.

Choose a studio style session and we will come to your house and set up our portable studio. The most beautiful smiles and laughs are the natural ones when your family are relaxed and feeling comfortable, having fun with each other. Having one or two changes of clothes will give you a variety of photos.

Choose a lifestyle photo session and through the use of natural light we will capture your family at their most expressive, uninhibited and often mischievous. The photos from a lifestyle session reflect your families bond, showcase your personalities and characters. A lifestyle session starts just after breakfast, so that everyone is fresh and is a relaxed affair, then through a combination of indoor and outdoor photography you’ll play, laugh and relax together allowing the shoot to happen simply and naturally. You have fun and we capture stunning images!


Single Family Studio / Informal Shoot - £50 (within 20 miles of Exeter.)

Extended Family Studio Shoot - £85 (to be shot in Exmouth to accomodate family size.)

Single Family Lifestyle Shoot - £125 (within 20 miles of Exeter.)

Extended Family Lifestyle Shoot - £200 (within 20 miles of Exeter.)

Family Occassion – Lifestyle Shoot - £85 (within 20 miles of Exeter.)

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Studio Shoot – Family Pet

Family Occassion – Birthday